Destiny World Outreach is an international ministry, focused on equipping both present day and emerging leaders, for maximum effectiveness in reaching the harvest in the 21st century. With ministry in over 60 nations of the world and over 150,000 leaders having been trained, it is the desire of Bishops Tony and Kathy Miller to lift up the hands of those men and women who stand on the “frontlines” of Kingdom advancement and to deliver a relevant, challenging word that results in change.

Recognizing that there is nothing that compares to the potential unleashed in each believer who becomes awakened to the possibilities and potential in their life, the ministries of Destiny is striving to raise that awareness through Affecting Destiny Leadership Conferences, International Outreach Crusades, Media and Books, Destiny Leadership International and training resources.

The turn of a new decade is changing the face of ministries all over the world. Physical addresses are being replaced with web addresses and the thought of seeing someone “in person” is now more readily available through things we call “webinars or live streaming”. For many today the question isn’t “Can we?” it is “How will we?” At Destiny we are addressing these questions ourselves. We have had many changes throughout the past 25 years and are still learning to make adjustments when we see the curve in the road. We are grounded enough to grasp that some ideas are brilliant and others never seem to get anywhere. This is just living out ministry.

So today we are still finding ourselves fine-tuning what God has entrusted to us. Looking forward and anticipating what God wants do. We know that our central mission is to outfit the body of Christ with the essentials necessary to revolutionize cultures both nationally and globally. We are unwavering, and persistently forging ahead into new territory and refuse to be held up. Over the next year we will be carrying this mantra all over the world divulging truth into the nations! Whether it is through feeding a starving child, reassuring an abused woman she has worth, or coaching leaders on the front lines we are arousing faith everywhere we go!>

We will be purposeful, intentional, and deliberate moving ahead. We are embracing the future of Destiny…which is bright with purpose and fortified through Jesus! Now is the time to awaken people to Destiny!

People across the World are declaring the impact and effectiveness of Destiny’s ministry, as its growth and influence continue to increase. Speaking to this generation with conviction and wisdom, this ministry is affecting destiny!

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