The Timothy Team has been one of the greatest focuses of Destiny Global in 30+ years of ministry around the globe. It is an intense, do-life-together style approach to mentoring pastors and leaders. This happens after year and we see amazing fruit from it!


We have just launched a new focus – Timothy Team: Executive Coaching Edition. Drawing from over 15 years of experience as an Executive Pastor, Pastor Amanda Conner is focusing on being a life-giving resource to other “2nd Chair Leaders”. As the oldest daughter of Tony and Kathy she has been exposed to some of the most impactful ministries today. She now serves alongside them as one of the core influencers in the ministries God has entrusted them.

Each month you will receive a book, an Executive Summary, a video coaching call, and personal access by email to ask ANY questions or seek advice and counsel. We will also have 2 behind-the-scene trips to major ministries across America including The Gate Church. These face-to-face meetings will give insight and access to processes and “how-to’s” that aren’t available any other way!

This 1-year program will completely shift the way a 2nd chair leader serves in their role. To begin the process fill out the form below. This year’s program begins on July 1st. The yearly contribution is $2,400 and can be paid 1 time or monthly. We hope to connect with you in the Timothy Team: Executive Coaching Edition!



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