In the 21st century it has been evident that “times…they are a changin’”! There has never been a day like this one. The pace of events involving kingdom expansion is accelerating and change has become the order of the day. In fact, many have come to realize that the only “for sure” thing in our generation is that change is here to stay!
For everyone desiring to maintain a cutting edge relationship with the activities of the Holy Spirit, it becomes important to recognize a very significant principle – a changeless God is always working change in me! God is always on the move, progressively unfolding His purposes and plans, readjusting our structures and renewing our thinking. There has to come an acceptance of the fact that change does not mean subtraction, but rather increased possibilities!
With five simple words, “Moses, My servant is dead”, the entire direction and faith of Israel took a quantum shift. God had initiated transition! The children of Israel were released to move into new worlds of promise and possibilities. I believe we are hearing an invitation by the voice of God to new worlds! Places of fresh revelation and anointing. Days of opportunity and breakout! To go there we must realize that change is inevitable.
God Initiates Change
In our market-driven consumer culture, we must understand that the change that we are seeking is not just another fad or scheme to draw a few more people and push a new “product”. Rather, it is a God directed changing of seasons. The times and seasons are in His realm of control (Acts 1:6,7) and not ours. We are not originators, but rather responders and how we respond will determine our future impact and destiny.
If you recall the events that led to the announcement that Moses had died, you will remember that it was God who took Moses up to the mountain to show him the land of promise and there He buried him. It was obvious to God and should be to us that there are things in our lives that God must bring to a close in order to move us on to the next level of promise. How many times have we all clung to a former glory because it was familiar or comfortable when the call was to “arise and cross this Jordan”!
May I challenge those of you who are reading to remember that the pathway to fulfillment and fruitfulness demands that we be willing to give up where we are and who we are at this present moment in order to become and possess what we were destined for. It amazes me that so many spirit-filled believers that God has given the keys to a new house are always being found at their old address. Get out of there! It is time to move on. There is much promise to be realized!
Change Opens New Possibilities
As long as Moses was alive, the children of Israel could not enter the promise land. The Lord had told Moses that because of his disobedience in striking the rock instead of speaking to the rock in the wilderness, that he would be permitted to view the land, but not walk in it. Because of spiritual principle and protocol, the people could not go where the leadership could not take them. That is why Moses had to be removed!
Loved ones, as you are willing to respond properly with faith and obedience to God’s transitioning in your life, you will open the door for realms of potential that hitherto have not been possible. Either you will see the next level and hear the assurances of promise that await you and become and advocate of change or you will resist anything different than what you have always experienced and become an adversary to change. The choice is yours!
The future is as bright as the promises of God! There are new worlds to be explored and conquered. There are cities that are waiting for a “BreakOut Anointing” to come to them and release the fragrance of victory in their midst. There are nations that are ready to be transformed.
As you go throughout your day, let your spirit soar and your mind dream of a new day! Stop trying to revive those previous visitations and outpourings … God has something new! It is time for the Joshua’s to stand up and confront everything that has hindered our advance into promise and watch the Lord do wonders among us! Moses is dead!

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