“Give me a place to stand and I will shake the world!” Those words were the cry of the heart of a young John Wesley as he sought God for the destiny of his life. Still today, young men and women, as well as saints in churches all across the world, cry out to be “used by God!” And the voice of the Spirit is replying, “You are people under assignment!” We have been chosen with purpose. We are under a divine assignment to proclaim the wonders of Him who brought us out of darkness into His abundant life!
There is no clearer instruction in all the Bible: “Go ye . . .” Every believer has a calling and a responsibility to live as what Pastor Ted Haggard has called a “life-giver!”
It is so easy for us to become entrapped in a web of deception that seeks to contain us in the mindset of the environment around us, one of isolation and self-protection. Yet, we have the greatest opportunity ever known to mankind to effectively impact our world. The key is to live a life that is under assignment!
In Isaiah 54, the prophet knew the desire of a barren life! Though we may be successful in other areas, if we have been unable to reproduce, there is a heartfelt cry for “multiplying!” Frustration, discouragement, and guilt are causing trouble in churches today, criticizing everybody, fault finding and gossiping are nothing more than barren wombs seeking productivity. A womb is created to birth and when you have not fulfilled the purpose for which you were created, you miss your “assignment!”
You are probably asking, “Well then what an I do to fulfill my assignment and play a key role as a “life-giver” in this world harvest? Here is what Isaiah revealed as a spiritual principles for breaking barrenness and unlocking the world harvest:
1. Sing and Shout for Joy. It may seem totally ridiculous for you to start singing and shouting for joy while you feel empty and frustrated. But I would like to challenge you to try it! There is life begetting power that flows to and through people that have learned to sing during their seasons of emptiness. Your song is declaring to your adversary that you recognize the ability of your God to bring life from death and birthing from barrenness. Your song is opening the way for supernatural manifestations in your life and future. Your present condition is not a mandate on you future. Prophesy to your world through the voice of singing and shouting!
2. ENLARGE the place of your tent.—Become increase minded. God is into multiplying! The early church in the book of Acts experienced continual increase because of the power of the gospel to change lives and invade the dark regions of cultural bondage. This is not an hour for retreating and pulling back. We are on the threshold of the fulfillment of the Great Commission. For us to continue to see progress we must first enlarge our vision for souls! We can no longer look at our harvest fields only through the lens of our little world, but through the eyes of God. People are rising from every tribe, tongue, and ethnic group, marching together to the throne of God rejoicing! Secondly, we must enlarge our prayer dimension! Great praying always results in great harvest! No prayer . . . no rain . . . no harvest! It is God’s mandate for believers. Thirdly, we can enlarge our expectations! Like the loving father, we too can stand watching for the prodigal sons to come home. Let’s not give up on them; let’s look for them with expectancy that they are returning to the God their fathers.
“Risky Business”
You may say, “But all of that is risky!” Sure it is! But no one ever changed their world doing what everyone else was doing.
When you realize that you were born with purpose and that you have an assignment to be an influencer in our world, the risk will be secondary to the impact and productivity you will experience. Your are blessed! And blessings always carry responsibility.
There was an old lighthouse captain on the northeast coast of America who had been given the task of training a new apprentice. One day this young man would replace him as captain and it became necessary to instill the proper values and knowledge into his life.
As time went by, as is normal on the north Atlantic seashore, a violent storm arose. There was a ship just off the coast that had signaled for help. The old captain began to grab his tackle and rain hear to go to the ship that was in nee. The young apprentice said to him, “We can’t go out there. The waves are too rough; the storm is right on us. If we go out there we may never come back.” The old captain replied, “Son, we must go, that is our assignment. We don’t have to come back!”

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