Leader’s One Day Event Upstate South Carolina

Join us in Easley, SC for a One-Day Event on August 19th, 2019 with Bishop Tony and Pastor Dean Herman

Leader’s One Day Event Sacramento

Join us in Sacramento, California for a Leader’s One Day Event with Pastor Dean Deguara at Real Life Church.

What is a One-Day Event?

The Leadership One-Day Event is an unique opportunity for personal growth and ministry development. You will share valuable time with key leaders from across the nation.

Bishop Tony has been in the forefront of equipping 21 st century World-Changers, providing them the tools they need to become successful. Joined with various other Pastors and Leaders, this RoundTable will cultivate in you a passion for growth

Bishop Tony Miller, and various other leaders, will share a wealth of wisdom and knowledge from their experience

It is our desire to provide:

  • An Environment for High Level Leadership Dialogue
  • An Opportunity for Relationship Building with Key Leaders
  • An Exchange of Strategic Ideas
  • An Opportunity for Networking

Why Should I Attend?

  • Strategic Steps to Increase Your Leadership Capacity
  • Organizational Structures for Increase
  • Learn How to Identify Your Primary Assets as a Leader
  • Necessary Ingredients to Empower Your Support Team
  • New, Creative Ideas During the Leadership Idea Exchange

What Others Are Saying…

I have attended a few ‘life changing’ meetings in my day. I can count them on one hand . . .a day with Yonggi Cho, Tommy Barnett, and Tony Miller. The One-Day Event gave me exposure to 3 concepts that spoke directly into my spirit as ‘words from the Lord’…ideas, concepts, and paradigms outside the box. Some confirmed what was being formed in me. Other’s opened new ways of thinking . The investment of time for this kind of forum with peers under the direction of innovative and creative leaders is well worthwhile. One “God Idea” can transform a ministry. I came away with a new sense of confidence and understanding of the ‘next step’! Thank you . . . Tony Miller and Sam Chand!

— Pastor – California

… I left with 37 pages of notes. I could not believe it. I hardly ever take notes. Please, when will we be able to do this again?

— Pastor – Florida

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