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“Dreams and visions are the blueprints God uses to build a life. God wants to do something impossible with your life. Everything God does through people starts with a dream. In this riveting series of messages, Tony Miller will challenge you to become a dreamer . . . a person though which God can birth big dreams and accomplish big things. Everything we see in the visible world begins in the invisible, and God wants to birth a dream in you today that will become someone e|se’s experience tomorrow . . . . In order to live a life, you must become a dreamer

Part 1 – The Place of Conception Big dreams must have a carrier. Your heart is the incubator for dreams. Dreams are ridiculed and scorned before they are the celebrated. So hold on to the dream in your heart!

Part 2 – The Pain of Advancement- Big dreams cannot be birthed without pain. The bigger the dream, the more intense the pain!

Part 3 – The Price: Vulnerability- In order to birth dreams, you must be willing to become vulnerable. No woman has given birth without becoming vulnerable . . . and your dreams won‘t manifest until you’re willing to be vulnerable.

lf you long for God to birth supernatural things in your life, then this is a series you simply must have. Begin birthing dreams today!

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