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Sometimes, it doesn’t really matter if we think we can or if we think we can’t….both are “if’s”. Living in “Nevertheless” moments we learn to forfeit the words that hold us back and examine the Word of God that propels us forward. In this fresh, insightful series Tony dares us to surrender everything and cling to our faith….refusing to settle for results that yield little to no fruit and seize the opportune time God has appointed to us.

Through the life of David and the disciples, Tony helps us to bridge the gap between believing for change and actualizing it in our lives. Faith never denies reality, it just doesn’t hang around waiting for what reality is offering. This series inquires of our choices and pushes us to say “This may be the circumstnaces…nevertheless, God has a plan”. You do not want to pass up this faith building and life altering series! Start living in the “Nevertheless” life today….

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