There once was an extravagantly, wealthy property owner who had employed a young housekeeper. Of course, the owner had many other employees but had come to find great confidence in this young worker. She worked for him for many years. One cold Christmas day, while lying on his death bed, the owner asked the nurse to call the once youthful housekeeper to his bedside.

The nurse immediately left the mansion. She bundled herself in her thick furry coat as she made her way to the now frail and elderly housekeeper’s dilapidated abode. The owner hadn’t become wealthy by chance, you know. He paid his employees just enough to get by and had spent day after day in his bed considering this very thing.
The nurse found the woman snuggled in a blanket up close to the wood stove that kept her warm each day. Sharing with her the owner’s plea, they both made their way back to his bedside.
The owner had already prepared an envelope with a gift inside for the faithful worker. Within the package was a paper containing words that could change her lifestyle for the final years she was alive. She made her way back to her humble home and opened the envelope. She ran her eyes over the paper looking at all the letters, which meant absolutely nothing to her. You see, she couldn’t read. The envelope contained the owner’s last will and testament leaving everything he had to the faithful steward. After the owner passed away, the paper remained a framed keepsake on the wall of the housekeeper’s dilapidated shack until the day she died.
What a sad story! I had always thought of this story from one perspective. This woman never took the time to learn how to read which would have opened up a new life for her. However, there is another way to look at this. Someone gave this woman a gift, but where was the person to help her unveil it in her life?
I remember when my kids were younger, sitting around the Christmas tree opening presents. They were excited about their gifts, but they didn’t know how to get all of the wrapping off. I had to help them. Some gifts we opened came ready to go. You know… batteries included. Yet, there are other times some assembly is required.
This woman had a gift and didn’t even know it. As a leader, how many people are in your realm of influence that have a gift and don’t even know it? Do they need more gifts or do they need someone to help unveil the gifts they already have? Have you overlooked any life changing gifts that lie dormant or unwrapped within those God has assigned to you?
As leaders, let this season of “the giving of gifts” serve to remind us that the
“unveiling of gifts” is also our divine call.

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