What’s the Timothy Team?

For the last 30 years Bishop and Pastor Kathy have spent time pouring into the lives of leaders through the Timothy Team. In this intentional, and intense, relationship building process a leader is developed, mentored, and cared for. Our method is modeled after the Apostle Paul in which he spent time raising up a spiritual son, Timothy.

Each year we choose 15-20 men and women to be a part of the TT. We have monthly video calls, books, and dialogue. We also meet in a face-to-face setting 3 times over the 12 month time period. It is our goal at the end of the TT year, that you are a better spouse, parent, and leader.

To begin the process fill out the form below. This year’s program begins on June 1st. The yearly contribution is $3,600 and can be paid 1 time or monthly. We hope to connect with you in the Timothy Team!

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